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KS Group Studio

Web Solutions Business, Composite AI Business, Photo and Video Creative Business

About us
Although established in 2023, we are a highly experienced company.
After serving as a project manager for IT infrastructure at BNP PARIBAS Bank, I have been involved in Japan's system-related work since 2014.
Fascinated by the interesting aspects of Japan, I have been creating new discoveries by bringing changes from an overseas perspective.

As digital changes daily, my hobby, which can be said to be Composite AI, is finally getting recognized, and I started offering services with the desire to spread the potential of this AI.

I believe further evolutionary changes will occur, and I look forward to sharing more exciting developments with our customers.

KS Group Studio Inc.





Modernize your business with the latest in design and system development

Web Solution Business

We support various types of customers by designing, developing, and operating systems using the Web.

Providing online business that integrates BtoC and BtoB e-commerce sites
Smart cost reduction for invoices and payments
Development of responsive systems with excellent operability and usability


Innovative services using composite AI

Composite AI Business

We create product catalogs and promotional materials using composite AI models.

This is a groundbreaking service that significantly reduces costs for studio fees, models, photographers, transportation, and other photography expenses.
We produce flyers and product catalogs by generating composite AI models and backgrounds tailored to the needs of our customers.


One-solution proposals for photos, videos, and sound

Photo and Video Creative Business

We propose one-stop solutions for detailed photography and video, from shooting to editing.

We also handle video production for print media-related product photography, sports photos, and video clips.
We propose new visuals by combining ideas from camera shooting to video and audio editing.

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